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Moutrie Trucking invests the time and the money to offer our customers the best and most well-maintained equipment on the road today.  Our fleet is comprised of late model, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safe and efficient transportation of your product every time.  Our tractor fleet averages 2 years of age and our trailers are 3.5 years of age, on average.  Each unit is 100% air-ride and all trailers are equipped with logistic posts for proper freight securement.  All Moutrie Trucking equipment is covered by manufacturer warranties and maintained by one of the country’s leading maintenance providers to assure our customers piece of mind that their freight will be there on time.  Every time!

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100% of Moutrie Trucking fleet is equipped with the latest technology for diagnostics, tracking, safety alerts, etc. to assure constant monitoring of each asset at all times.

Moutrie Trucking is a certified SmartWay Transport Partner.  We are committed to high fuel efficiency, low emissions, and the smallest carbon footprint possible, which means WE RUN GREEN!



our CUSTOMERS rely on us


We never promise more than we can deliver, and we always strive to deliver more than we promise.


Driver safety is paramount.  Moutrie Trucking has an impressive CSA score and is 100% compliant at all times to assure safe and legal transportation of all customer goods.


We are committed to professional, high quality customer service.


We operate new, state-of-the-art equipment that is maintained by one of the nation’s leading service providers.


We value long-term relationships and believe in going the extra mile for our customers.


We offer drop trailers at our customers facilities for efficient loading and unloading.


Our team of stable, well trained drivers assures that all loads can be transported with the least chance of “issues” arising.


On-time pickup and delivery is a requirement, not an option.


We have 24-hour, real time asset tracking, so our customers know where their freight is at all times.


We are 100% SmartWay Certified by the EPA.  This means we operate with the smallest carbon footprint possible to help protect the environment we all live in.

What Our Customers and Drivers

are saying about us

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"Having been in the trucking industry for 30+ years I can say Moutrie Trucking is by far the most professional and best run company I've been associated with. Customers and service to them is exceptional because of the professional yet personal environment at Moutrie. Top rate equipment, excellent logistics management and work environment make customers and drivers proud to work for and with Moutrie. If you're a driver or a customer you can't do better than Moutrie."

Ken, Driver

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"Moutrie Trucking is still the BEST company I ever worked for. Anyone who wants to be treated fair and with honesty should drive for Moutrie. Go Team Moutrie!"

Lynn, Retired Driver

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"Moutrie Trucking has been a carrier partner for many years.  Their service is consistently on time, and their drivers are friendly and professional.  Each load they haul is handled with the highest attention from start to finish.  I can 'book it and forget it.'"

Jade, Customer for 22 years

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"We have been using Moutrie Trucking for many years and their service is always excellent.   The drivers are all focused on customer service, which makes delivery a great experience for our customers as well.  Highly recommend Moutrie Trucking for all your transportation needs."

Stacie, Customer

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"It has been my pleasure to work with this professional, hard-working company where customer service is priority one!"

Mala, Customer

Moutrie Trucking Testimonials
"We have partnered with Moutrie Trucking for several years now and have always found them to be an extremely professional and a very well-run organization. Customer service is a top priority for Moutrie Trucking and their communication and on time performance is 2nd to none. Moutrie’s management and drivers are an extension of our business and represent our company extremely well by always being professional and respectful. In conclusion: they are an awesome company to work with."

Gary, Customer for 20 years